Cowtown to Krung Thep

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind.

Packers from Imlach & Collins Brothers showed up at the house on Wednesday March 9 and the fun began.  We had a great crew (kudos to Robert) who were able to work with Theresa to put together separate packages for air and sea shipment to Thailand and for long-term storage.   Wednesday night we spent in the house amidst much that had already been packed.  Before going to sleep, we realized that the alarm clocks had been packed so we ended up using the alarms on our cell phones. One of the alarm clocks, however, has a battery back up and the alarm was still set when it was packed.  So, it rang and chirped and warbled for a full hour on Thursday morning (and I expect that it continued to do so until the 9V battery was discharged.)

By Thursday evening, the house was littered with packed boxes and furniture wrapped in padding and in plastic ready for storage.  We were no longer able to stay at the house so we moved downtown to the Blackstone Marriott.  All, that is, except for Calliope (our nine year-old black lab puppy) who stayed behind to keep a watchful eye on the property. When Theresa and I came to Fort Worth to look for a place to live, we stayed at the same hotel so there was a sense of closing the loop by staying here on our way out-of-town too.

By mid-day Friday, virtually everything was packed and the moving commenced. I spent the day trying to stay out of the way and I made my first visit to the Fort Worth Transfer Station to get rid of much of the trash that we had accumulated while packing.  I felt a bit odd driving up in my M37 among all the pick-up trucks, but c’est la vie. The moving crew finished loading the truck around 3 p.m. on Saturday, and we began the last bit of cleaning and touch up.  By 5 p.m., we again left the house in Calliope’s capable paws while we went to dinner and then to see our last concert for quite a while by the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra at Bass Hall.

On Sunday, Theresa got together with some of her friends for a going-away party.  I took my dog swimming one last time.  It was odd not to have any place to sit down besides the ground and to have no music or TV to listen to.  It very much reminded me of how I lived right after we bought the house but before we sold our place up in Orchard Park. After Theresa got back from her party, the three of us headed off to drop Calliope off at the boarding kennel and to drop Theresa’s Z off at NMAC.

Calliope spent Sunday night at a PetSmart in Hurst and she was retrieved from there by the animal transport company that arranged her flights to Bangkok.  We had to leave her since we flew out at 8:30 a.m. on Monday while she did not leave until late afternoon.  Calliope ended up flying from DFW to Frankfurt where she received a check-up and then was boarded for 10-12 hours more before her flight to Bangkok.  While overall transit time was longer going through Europe, the two flights were actually shorter in duration and she had a bit of a break in-between.

On Monday, we got up early, loaded the car with five suitcases and two computer bags, and headed off to the airport.  My friend Scott met us at the airport and he helped us get the luggage into the terminal.  He then returned to retrieve my M37 and return it to NMAC.

On Monday March 14, we flew from DFW to LAX on American, from LAX to Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific, and from Hong Kong to Bangkok on Cathay, both codeshare flights with AA.  Our flights were just a couple of days after the 9.0 earthquake and tsunami had hit Japan, and I was glad that we had chosen to go via Hong Kong rather than through Narita.

The picture on the left shows the business class seat that was Theresa’s home for the 15 hour flight from LAX to Hong Kong.  The seat’s high walls made for a comfortable and private cocoon.  The personal TV (on the wall on the right side of the picture) swung out and provided all sorts of movies and television shows.  Theresa and I each watched four or five movies including Secretariat, The King’s Speech, The Black Swan, and True Grit.  When it was time to sleep, the seat adjusted to a perfectly horizontal position with the bottom portion of the seat rising to meet the foot rest (at the bottom right of the picture.)

The trip was long but quite comfortable.  We arrived in Hong Kong about 6:45 p.m. local time, but that is 5:45 a.m. back in Dallas.  By this time, it had been almost 24 hours since we left downtown Fort Worth for our journey, and we still had one more leg to go. We retreated to the Cathay Club for a couple of hours while we waited to board a 10 p.m. flight to Bangkok.

We arrived in Bangkok at about 11:35 p.m. local time, or 11:35 a.m. in Dallas.  Now that the U.S. is on Daylight Savings Time, Bangkok is exactly 12 hours ahead of Dallas. After retrieving our bags, we headed through immigration and customs and then out to find our driver. Despite being on the road for nearly 30 hours, we were feeling pretty chipper.  Of course, it is not as if watching movies, eating more food than I care to admit, and sleeping are necessarily among the most exhausting activities in which one can engage!

More to come tomorrow.

Kop Khun Krab.

© 2011 Kurt Brown. All rights reserved.

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