Blog Stats

Happy 2013!

The team has prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here are the highlights:

This blog received about 7,900 views in 2012.

In 2012, there were 49 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 96 posts.

The busiest day of the year was November 4th with 132 views. The most popular post that day was Erawan Museum.

This link has a slide show of the six most viewed pictures from the twelve most viewed blogs.

People from 97 nations viewed this blog with 36% of the views from the U.S and 21% from Thailand!

Country Views since 2/25/12
United States Flag United States 2,447
Thailand Flag Thailand 1,404
India Flag India 225
United Kingdom Flag United Kingdom 176
France Flag France 157
Malaysia Flag Malaysia 146
Australia Flag Australia 132
Singapore Flag Singapore 126
Indonesia Flag Indonesia 125
Germany Flag Germany 124
Korea, Republic of Flag Republic of Korea 110
Chile Flag Chile 108
Canada Flag Canada 103
Viet Nam Flag Viet Nam 97
Russian Federation Flag Russian Federation 83
Japan Flag Japan 81
Hong Kong Flag Hong Kong 78
Netherlands Flag Netherlands 72
Spain Flag Spain 71
Slovakia Flag Slovakia 63
Italy Flag Italy 56
Mexico Flag Mexico 48
Turkey Flag Turkey 48
Philippines Flag Philippines 47
Brazil Flag Brazil 45
Switzerland Flag Switzerland 39
Taiwan, Province of China Flag Taiwan 37
Hungary Flag Hungary 30
Austria Flag Austria 29
Belgium Flag Belgium 29
Norway Flag Norway 28
Argentina Flag Argentina 25
Poland Flag Poland 24
Pakistan Flag Pakistan 22
Sweden Flag Sweden 20
United Arab Emirates Flag United Arab Emirates 18
Saudi Arabia Flag Saudi Arabia 18
Portugal Flag Portugal 17
New Zealand Flag New Zealand 16
Romania Flag Romania 16
Ukraine Flag Ukraine 14
Colombia Flag Colombia 14
Czech Republic Flag Czech Republic 14
Denmark Flag Denmark 13
South Africa Flag South Africa 13
Israel Flag Israel 12
Cambodia Flag Cambodia 12
Sri Lanka Flag Sri Lanka 10
Oman Flag Oman 8
Myanmar Flag Myanmar 8
Iraq Flag Iraq 8
Serbia Flag Serbia 7
Jordan Flag Jordan 7
Bangladesh Flag Bangladesh 7
Ireland Flag Ireland 6
Lao People's Democratic Republic Flag Lao People’s Democratic Republic 6
Finland Flag Finland 5
Kuwait Flag Kuwait 5
Nigeria Flag Nigeria 5
Paraguay Flag Paraguay 5
Greece Flag Greece 5
Egypt Flag Egypt 5
Andorra Flag Andorra 4
Malta Flag Malta 4
Dominican Republic Flag Dominican Republic 4
Ecuador Flag Ecuador 4
Réunion Flag Réunion 4
Bulgaria Flag Bulgaria 4
Macao Flag Macao 4
Jamaica Flag Jamaica 4
Croatia Flag Croatia 3
Venezuela Flag Venezuela 3
Mongolia Flag Mongolia 3
Monaco Flag Monaco 3
Namibia Flag Namibia 2
Bahrain Flag Bahrain 2
Lebanon Flag Lebanon 2
Costa Rica Flag Costa Rica 2
Moldova, Republic of Flag Moldova 2
Peru Flag Peru 2
Nepal Flag Nepal 2
Kenya Flag Kenya 2
Barbados Flag Barbados 2
Afghanistan Flag Afghanistan 2
Uruguay Flag Uruguay 2
Tunisia Flag Tunisia 1
Morocco Flag Morocco 1
Palestinian Territory, Occupied Flag Palestinian Territory, Occupied 1
Slovenia Flag Slovenia 1
Albania Flag Albania 1
New Caledonia Flag New Caledonia 1
Syrian Arab Republic Flag Syrian Arab Republic 1
Panama Flag Panama 1
Maldives Flag Maldives 1
Trinidad and Tobago Flag Trinidad and Tobago 1
Georgia Flag Georgia 1
Algeria Flag Algeria 1

Kop Khun Krab.

© 2013 Kurt Brown. All rights reserved.

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5 Responses to Blog Stats

  1. Rona says:

    Wow! Go Kurt!

    • KB says:

      Happy New Year Rona. Good luck in your new career and I am glad that I can share this wonderful experience with my friends through the blog.

  2. Pete Trench says:

    Kurt, It’s always great to read your posts as you travel an exotic part of the world. Have a Happy New Year.


  3. kt says:

    These stats are pretty impressive – people from all over the world read this – very cool! Thanks for sharing & teaching us all about the history of Southeast Asia, China and the various other places you have traveled to. Always a great read.

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