4 Responses to About

  1. Cindy says:

    Loved the stories!!! And so glad to hear about your puppy. You know what a softy I am and was definitely worried. Love the comment about “more money than brains”. Yup, I am sure that is what they are thinking.

    I cannot find the pulldown menue to register for updates? Please provide additional help to your technology challenged friend!

    Can’t wait to hear more Kurt. What a grand adventure. I on the other hand am recovering from replacement knee surgery. Guess who is having way more fun??

    All my best to you and Theresa.

  2. supis w. says:

    Khunkurt! i just found out that you have a lovely blog,i really like all the pictures and the way that you tell your stories. (Anyway i am the girl who joined you at the wine royal trip tour ,and jumping quite high on the trampoline and you took my picture remember? ) 🙂 Love all the stories and looking forward to hearing from you!

    • supis w. says:

      Khunkurt last week i have a chance to try Spanish on 4 it was so good! especially their potato omlet,we ordered 3 times 🙂 thank you for your advice (ps. i couldn’t find that cookie shop T T) Anyway love all the stories in your blog.It makes me want to have a journey and looking forward to hearing from you!

  3. Yhing says:

    Hi KK, So glad to review where Thailand offered you the great memory and NLTH might be part of it since we were great team what combination of fighting to accomplish when it was also my hi light memory too. Please feel free to reach me if you come over. E-mail: wiriya.r@hotmail.com and you may share your personal e-mail if you want. My life journey may start again so hope I can have honor to buy you spicy Thai food whenever you come.

    Hopefully, you still have my mobile number.

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